Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve…
Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve…

9 Signs Your Sugar Daddy Loves You

By Dr. Emily May
A sugar daddy relationship usually consists of a young, attractive sugar baby who provides love and affection in exchange for money from an older benefactor. The boundaries of these relationships are very clear and rather than the relationship being built on love it is built on mutual benefit and convenience. The older, busy sugar daddies need affection and gratification and the younger and less experienced sugar babies need money to fund their lifestyles. Hence they enter a sugar daddy arrangement where allowances and boundaries are discussed.

However, as much as sugar daddies are branded as a cash cow. They are people with emotions too. In many cases, when they spend lots of time around a young attractive sugar baby providing them companionship and showering them with affection, feelings begin to develop. So in this article, we are going to break down the most common signs that your sugar daddy might be in love with you. As well as how to let them down gently in the event their feelings are complicating your arrangement.

Signs That Your Sugar Daddy Loves You

The love language of a sugar daddy tends to be money and gifts. But when receiving these already it can be difficult to tell if your sugar daddy is catching feelings or not. So, here are some of the most common signs to tell if your sugar daddy loves you. Just remember that every person and relationship is unique so don’t go judging and panicking at the first sight of one of these signs.

He Calls You Every Day

For many arrangements, calling and texting are part of the gig so it’s important to know how to talk to a sugar daddy. But if your busy sugar daddy is taking the time to call every day then something might be up. Calling every evening to talk about good news or generally vent about his day is something that a person in love will exchange with their partner. As an accomplished man, he will likely have people to share things with but if he puts you at the forefront of his list of people to contact, then you might be a lot more important to him than you think.

Starts To Include You In Future Plans

As a sugar baby, you might be used to spontaneous trips and experiences. However, if your sugar daddy starts planning things months in advance or talking about you as a couple for events later on down the line, then this could be an indication that he might be in love. People who are in love often envision themselves with their significant other subconsciously when thinking about their future. They picture you as part of important milestones and events in their life which they expect you to share and help them through.

Introduces You To His Family

This one might be rather obvious, but introducing you to his family is a big deal. If a sugar daddy wants you to meet his family it means that he is very fond of you and wants you to meet those closest to him. Meeting the family is a sign of great respect for your partner as is usually done when they are ready to take the relationship to the next stage; engagement or marriage. So if you’re looking to upgrade from sugar baby to a trophy wife then you might want to play your cards right.

He Provides Emotional Support

Typically sugar daddies want an arrangement to get away from many of the responsibilities of a traditional relationship. Sugar daddies want the love and affection that a girlfriend or partner can provide without having to reciprocate it. The idea of being consistently emotionally available for another person is too difficult in the busy life of a successful sugar daddy. In regular sugar daddy’s eyes, they pay to not deal with any emotional burden. Thus, if your sugar daddy is listening to your problems, providing advice and showing emotional consistency, it is a big deal.

Instead of being one of his finances, you are of meaningful emotional importance and heavily suggests that your sugar daddy might be in love with you.

He Gets Rid Of Other Sugar Babies/Love Interests

Depending on the sugar daddy you went for, there was a good chance that you weren’t the only one for him. Given the non-committal nature of sugar daddy relationships, it’s quite common for sugar daddies to have multiple sugar babies. However, if you begin to notice that your calls and meets are happening too frequently to include another woman then it’s a possibility he might have dropped all other sugar babies.

A sugar daddy sacking off all of his love interests to spend more time with his favourite sugar baby is a huge indication that he might be in love. Removing other women from his life is usually a gesture to say that you are more important and values his time with you more. So keep an eye on the competition.

Begins To Open Up And Be Vulnerable With You

In many relationships, the true sign of trust and comfort for a man is being vulnerable with his woman. That means opening up about his biggest fears, concerns for the future and weaknesses. If you find your sugar daddy confiding in you and opening up about some of these things then it’s definitely hinting at love. With sugar relationships, in particular, everything is geared towards the positive and happy aspects of a traditional relationship. Thus, it’s very telling that a sugar daddy might be in love if he starts to be vulnerable in the context of a sugar relationship.

Provides You With Thoughtful Gifts

One of the main benefits of having a sugar daddy is to receive gifts and items that you otherwise couldn’t afford. Sugar daddies typically aim to impress their sugar babies with luxurious and expensive gifts that any woman could appreciate. But what if the gifts you start receiving are more thoughtful than they are pricey? Well, this is another telltale sign that your sugar daddy might love you. If your sugar daddy is providing you with beautiful collages of memories together, your favourite snacks or a new appliance because your old one broke, then this shows that he takes a high level of interest in you.

Typically it’s the sugar baby that looks for the best gifts for a sugar daddy in order to make him feel special and keep him around. However, if your sugar daddy is paying attention to the things you need and putting deep thought into what you’d appreciate… well… this is something that only those closest to us do. So it’s safe to say that he might be in love with you.

He Compliments You All The Time

Sugar daddies are going to compliment you as sure as the day is long. But the nature of their compliment can tell you a lot about where their head is at. The bulk of their compliments might be appearance-based and of a sexual nature which means that he’s probably looking to have some fun. But what about when these compliments make a shift to being about your personality, or how much you mean to him?

Well, talking about your features besides your appearance means that he’s gotten to know you more than just skin deep. Just because he hasn’t gotten around to saying the “L” word it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t thinking it.

He Places Less Emphasis On The Transactional Aspect

As a sugar baby, you understand that you’re entitled to a certain amount of money for following through with your end of the arrangement. However, a common sign that your sugar daddy might be in love with you is if over time he loosens up his wallet for more companionship and mutual enjoyment. What we mean by this is increasing your allowance or showering you with gifts so you can spend more time together.

A sugar daddy willing to pay their sugar baby to spend more time with them isn’t always looking for love, but if he becomes a lot more lenient with you spending his money then it’s a sign that he wants to keep you happy and more importantly keep you around.

Do All Sugar Daddies Fall In Love?

When two people spend enough time together, the chance of feelings developing is always there, particularly in the context of sugar dating. In most cases, you would assume that it would be the sugar baby who falls in love with the rich and unobtainable sugar daddy, however, it’s often the reverse. Sugar daddies tend to be the ones who fall in love with their young attractive sugar babies which makes sense when we break it down. A sugar baby serves the purpose of being a fun escape from their normal lives.

Sugar babies often meet their sugar daddies looking their best, always bringing positive energy and avoiding any conflict or disagreement. This is obviously a totally unrealistic representation of a traditional relationship but sugar daddies often fall in love with this over-idealised version of the sugar baby they think they know. Despite this, some sugar daddies actually see it through and go on to date their sugar babies for real.

Of course, it’s important to remember that being a sugar daddy isn’t just exclusive to straight older men. There are plenty of gay sugar daddies and even sugar mommas (a female version of a sugar daddy) where relationship dynamics can vary. Hence it’s important to be vigilant for the signs that they might be falling for you, so you can make the best decision going forward.

Are You Looking For A Sugar Daddy Or Love?

Speaking of making intelligent decisions, it’s important to confront yourself about what you’re after before entering into sugar arrangements. If your end goal is to have a sugar daddy who follows a strict arrangement, things can get pretty awkward if he starts to catch feelings for you. He might want to spend more time with you, call you more frequently and try to overstep the boundaries of the arrangement you once established. So it could be high time you cut him off and start the search again.

But, if you’re open to finding love with your sugar daddy and claiming your spot in the mansion, this might make your decisions easier. Spending time with each other will lose monetary value, likewise, his wealth may be considered yours too one day.

How To Let Them Down Gently

With your allowance on the line, it can be difficult to do the right thing. Leading a sugar daddy on for money is all too common. And while you can’t be held accountable for their poor decisions, it can create arguments and complications for your arrangement down the line. So, here are some of your options when it comes to dealing with a sugar daddy who is in love with you.

  1. The simplest option is to end the arrangement. A sugar baby reserves the right to walk away from an arrangement whenever they want and the same goes for a sugar daddy. This no-strings-attached relationship is what gets many people into sugar dating in the first place. The sad thing is, in this scenario, there are some strings attached. The heartstrings of your sugar daddy. While you will inherently lose your allowances, a good option is to tell him that you don’t feel the same way and that you should go your separate ways. Anyone who has had the displeasure of breaking up with someone knows that this is quite similar, but on the plus side, it will be far less emotionally painful for the sugar baby.
  2. Another option is to be honest and continue with your arrangement. Sugar daddies being older men, often means that they are more emotionally mature. Having lived long and experienced heartbreak before it’s still possible to keep things civil. Let your sugar daddy know that you aren’t in love with him but still enjoy the arrangement and his company. Whilst this may hurt his ego slightly, he might be willing to compromise and respect the boundaries going forward in the hopes of maintaining your relationship. Meaning a longer arrangement for the both of you.
  3. Finally, leave the ball in his court to decide. Explain that you do not share his feelings, but you want him to do what’s best for himself. Leaving all of the decisions in someone else’s hands can be quite liberating but you have to be prepared for either outcome. Your sugar daddy may decide that it’s too much to handle and end the arrangement. On the other hand, you could be raking in the Benjamins with your long-term sugar daddy.

The Takeaway

So, unless you’re madly in love with your sugar daddy and plan on riding off into the sunset it’s important to treat your sugar daddy with respect however you decide to navigate the situation. Most sugar relationships are harmonious because it is a mutually beneficial arrangement, devoid of the responsibility and drama of a traditional relationship. Hence, either side developing feelings can be detrimental to the entire deal as the lines between benefactor and partner become blurred.

One thing that can be done to avoid these sticky situations is to make your boundaries very clear. Creating more strict rules about the amount of time you spend together and what you’re willing to do together can prevent things from progressing further than they need to. Making clear rules within your arrangement helps to act as a gentle reminder that you’re his sugar baby and not his girlfriend.

Best of luck and stay safe!

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