Soft spoken, I tend to see the best in everyone. I value kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness. I treat others as I myself want to be treated. I love art and culture; i value the ability to try new things, to learn and grow from all experiences that life throws your way. I am a foodie! What’s a better pleasure in life than good food? A shy conversationalist – I won’t shy away from many topics, but I may be a tad reserved to begin with. My favourite love language is quality time and quality conversation! It may take me a minute to open up to you, but when I do, you’ll know you’re feeling the love. My body is not for sale – I am worth more than my body and looks. The right person will see my time, attention and affection as valuable. I wish to create a mutual bond of respect, admiration and friendship – the base of any healthy relationship – with someone who shares in similar values and world views. A sexual relationship will only happen through the natural progression of feelings and attraction. So please do not expect it. I look forward to meeting you!

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