I’m a very eclectic and laid back woman. I am very down to earth and easy going. Ancient soul, intuitive, intelligent, kind. I am a little obtuse and have a dry sarcastic sense of humor. I’m a excellent listener, emotionally and spiritually supportive, understanding, and honest to a fault, caring, and open minded. I’m very nurturing and loyal. I work hard to make others happy but never myself. I am an artist that enjoys words, design, and creating of an kinds. I’m silly and weird but I’m never fake. At times I speak poetical times of sorrow. I notice all of the fine details. Looking for a benefactor of sorts for a period of time to help me obtain a property that belonged to my late best friend. It’s my peaceful place. I know I’m not the typical woman in high demand but you can be yourself no matter what. Be decent but be strange?

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Uploaded: 04 February 2024
Updated: 04 February 2024