Hello sweetie, this app can get extremely overwhelming with all the messages coming in and mixed with my busy day to day life I don’t have time to respond to everyone. Tell me one thing about yourself and why I should consider picking you out of everyone else in the world. I am much more than just a pretty face. I am serious but playful, kind and strong willed, and very nurturing. I love to travel and try new foods. One of my favorite pastime is driving and listening to music as well as being on a beach reading a good book. I love to keep busy. I’m the kind of girly who can stay in and watch movies cook dinner sip on a nice bourbon, and on the other hand, I am the kind of girly who loves to go to a five star restaurant go to a jazz club and have a good time with friends. I know who I am as an individual and I am much more than just a transaction or an assignment. I understand the assignment of this sight but I am not an object or thing to be toyed with. The energy that is given to me will be either ignored if negative or reciprocated. I am real. I am photo verified I have all social media platforms. If you find a way to set yourself aside from everyone else you may get the privilege to have access to those accounts and my life.

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