I’m fun. I don’t take bullshit though. I’m straight forward but I have a sense of humour. If you like big boobs I’m the one for you. I don’t meet anyone in person but I’ll be whatever you need online. I was a dancer but I still have the flexibility. Want me in a certain pose in a certain outfit? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.Spoil me and make me happy. Send me a message and let’s see where it goes. Let me know your fetish and I’ll make it happen. I especially cater to pay pigs, sexting partners and well let’s just say you can talk me into most things. To view full pictures you’ll have to make a purchase but there’s always a little bit extra for you 🤫

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Gallery: I’m drunk and lonely and should have my phone taken awau

Uploaded: 09 February 2024
Updated: 09 February 2024