32 years old & trying something new! I always have a smile on my face and am constantly looking for the good in every person and situation. I’m easy to talk to, and love meeting new people. I love music, reading, plants, sports, and being outside. In the summer, you’ll find me in the woods or on the lake. I love dining out, grabbing a drink, going on adventures, & staying in for cozy movie nights. On the surface, I’m an extremely independent woman…but I enjoy being with someone who’s protective and dominant. I like to keep things spicy 😜. I like men to be mature, caring and understanding. I enjoy good conversation and always like to learn and hear about new things. I dislike judgemental and dishonest people. I always attempt to be as honest and open minded as possible. I prefer to have an online sugar daddy, for support, conversation, advice and fun, and hope to form trust and a bond with that person. That being said, I’m open minded to other options as well. I hope to bring smiles and happiness to the people I meet, and to make them feel good about themselves. I’m genuine, so what you see is what you get. So take a look, and see if you like. 😉😘

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Gallery: Just a little bit of me

Uploaded: 13 March 2024
Updated: 13 March 2024