I am a bubbly, happy go lucky, free spirit. I like to have a drink or go out to a pub or brewery, I like those little bars you find randomly. I love people who don’t take everything so seriously, have a good sense of humour, good banter, and decent chat. I don’t really have a “type” that I am into, I have always been pretty open with what I am attracted too, mainly personality, vibes and having a great connection, but also just the small things like pretty eyes, or tall, etc I am 28, petite, slim, short, and blonde. I am half Chinese and half Irish, so I get the compliment, “unique” a lot. I can be high energy and outgoing. I am a pretty laid-back kind of girl, drama free, and I love to have fun! I work as a night-time masseuse in Sydney CBD. I am well educated, I have many qualifications, beauty, dermatology, social work, business & now studying psychology and counselling at uni. I am seeking an arrangement, sugar 🍬, dates, and girlfriendy. I am caring, genuine, and affectionate. I always take care of the people who take care of me because I appreciate them.

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