I’m a Pacific Northwest native that tries to enjoy each moment the best I can. From cheering on my Hawks, to sipping on coffee in the morning and tequila at night, to sneaking in a trip whenever I can, life is all about the moments and the connections. I am always looking for people to teach me new things and find laughter in the day to day. My time in person is genuinely limited but I’d love to find someone that respects my hustle and wants to connect with me, mentor me and share knowledge, maybe even spoil me, the best way he can with the resources we have. Let me brighten your day in a variety of ways while you’re working hard or even hardly working. I work hard during the week but make time for connection however I can. It’s super important to me that someone understands that I respect and value hard work and time, and has that same level of respect and desire to care for me in return. If you’re just looking for someone to look cute beside you at dinner and be in your bed after, you’re in the wrong place. There’s obviously so much more but… let’s chat and find out.

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