I am a goth/horror model who travels my region periodically for photoshoots and appearances. A Domme by nature, I’ve recently found my bratty side. I just melt into a purring kitten when I finally get my way. Sometimes I want attention, sometimes I want to be told I’m pretty or that I’m a good girl, sometimes I want presents, and sometimes I want money. Pansexual, gothic, pierced, curvy and tattooed with more to come. I love the outdoors. A leisurely hike or kayak, time spent on the beach, or a day at the waterfalls soothes me. This kitten needs a sweetie to flirt with at night when I’m lonely and to spoil me with costumes for my photoshoots. Think of all the fun we could have chatting about how you want me dressed and picking put my outfit for my next shoot then seeing it come to life in a magazine or on the floors of a comic/horrorcon?

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Gallery: My Butt Was Punished For Being Naughty…The Dragon Tongue REALLY Hurt! Pics of bruises a week later too!

Uploaded: 24 January 2024
Updated: 26 January 2024