New in the platform… Looking for sincere, mature and generous man… I can be a very good companion if we are comfortable with each other. Outlook, I’m not a sexy woman. Inner, definitely a caring, lovely woman… if you treat me well, I will treat you well x 10 I’m single… no kid, no divorce status… I don’t smoke… I drink.. (one glass) lol You can drink, I can send you back. I don’t drama. We are all adult. Be transparent. Let’s be honest… (Got reason to be here…) Long story short about myself… Not in a relationship for 10 years… reason because been waiting for my ‘bf’… he Mia… and found out he is married… Took me almost 2 years to move on. Looking for someone who can spoiled me… dote me… I don’t know how does first date feel like… am really hope can find someone special… (good man all attached…)

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Gallery: Not sexy photo… but a photo that when you see, you will know that I’m real, and know what kind of gal I am

Uploaded: 05 May 2024
Updated: 05 May 2024