✨️👋🏼Tx girl,single mom & pro hair+makeup artist for film and TV. Tbh… I really wanted to do something fun & secret for my 30th birthday so I decided to come here,Yay!🙊 ✨️💋 ISO a daddy to help me get my needs met & maybe offer business advice…it could be a long shot but maybe you’re out there somewhere…✨️🤞🏼 I like to cook, read and workout. Going to punk shows was my first love but getting tattooed might be a close second. I work on set,behind the camera helping celebs or anyone feel their best on television or in film. I love my job & would really love to be able to invest more in my kit,education & travel for projects. Being able to apply for jobs nationwide without stressing about money is my dream. I’ve worked so hard to get here from nothing and now I’m just having fun with the opportunities. Beauty,empowerment&Blessings&big wallets is what I’m about and I love to be silly! Make ya laugh? Witty banter is my *ahem* specialty, promise

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Gallery: Not your Mommys Hairstylist

Uploaded: 30 April 2024
Updated: 01 May 2024