I’m a lady on the streets and a **** behind closed doors. I am studying to become a doctor someday, not the surgical kind. I want to help people w/past trauma or issues from their childhood. I love helping people & love to smile. I also love lingerie more than any other type of clothing; Head to toe fishnets are fun, Lace, see through, garters, thigh highs, crotchless, corsets, mini skirts, yep! I love them all. I live in SoCal but I’m not opposed to travel, or if you prefer to keep it virtual then it’s pretty much whatever we’re both comfortable w/anyways, right? I love kissing, I’m very passionate. I have a big heart & love w/all that is in me. I am dedicated, determined to be someone in life & to change the lives of others, loyal to anyone in my life, giving in all the right ways, & trustworthy of your love, time & affection. Don’t be shy if you’re interested in getting to know a REAL baby lady. I have tons of pictures, & guess what? I DONT have an IG/SNAP/YOUTUBE/OnlyFans-This is the only outlet I am on. This is the only place you will find me. I’m stuck in limbo for four year transfer schools. I have my AS & an AA; more than 150 credits (ALL A’s & some B’s & only ONE C. Nothing worse! Honor Roll Status Here! Graduated Cum Laude!) I need to attend an online BA program. While all in person courses for CalStates are tuition free, the online portion I need/require due to personal needs/reasons is NOT waived. As a result, I must find a way to foot a bill of approximately $500 per credit (3-5 credit courses) until I have taken 45 credits to obtain my BA. The good news/silver lining is that I found an online Masters program that wants me. They are willing to waive tuition if I can finish my BA in time. (I’m willing to show my transcripts to prove everything I’m claiming is true) Many of my professors have written me letters of recommendation. I collect them ;) I’m proud & cannot wait to change the lives of those around me! Won’t you chat me up about anything? If you have insight, advice, positive criticism, encouragement or just something sweet to whisper to me… feel free to send me a message! I don’t bite…If you would like to date a born & raised Southern Californian, look no further! Here I am! Sun kissed & polished just right for you viewing pleasure. If you’re shy… show me some love with any tip of your desire. The best things in life are free-like my gentle, sweet soft kiss on your lips. Whether it’s the meals I lovingly prepare for you after having spent the whole morning in bed under the sheets together, or the cookies I bake while you take your nap after I’ve tuckered you out all afternoon, or the dessert I conjure up to feed to you as a sweet treat to enjoy while you’re working at home for the day-those are my absolute specialties & yes, they’re absolutely free! All culinary skills come with me, Not only do I love to cook, but I’m excellent at it so it’s really just part of the package. Someone reading this who wishes to & has the incredible ability to be able to sponsor my education- either anonymously or otherwise-please do not hesitate. I have my transcripts to show the validity of my claims & what better way to breaks the ice but to choose to invest in a young, beautiful on the inside & out woman’s future dreams & aspirations to help better the world as we know it? (If we don’t make a change somehow, the ish-show that exists today maybe reign forevermore!) I can think of no better way to give back! Can You? Wow…. Not only may I find love here, but someone out there might see me & decide to sponsor my education someday? Hey! A woman can dream, can’t she? Until then, I continue to apply for scholarships & aid. (The aid runs out this month unfortunately.) If I had to pick between Eternal Love or Wealth, I’d easily pick Eternal Love. I believe true love can move mountains. I believe love is the most POWERFUL force in the world. I have lived my whole life w/o the luxuries that money can buy, I’ve dated men who were without a house & job-back when I was a teen & it was still cute to have an older 22 year old boyfriend with absolutely zero motivation for anything-I’ve been the one who made the most money in the relationship, & I was a server at the time-money is a blessing I’ve never been privy to. Love on the other hand, I could not live in a world without it. Money comes & goes but love, when you have REAL love, it wouldn’t matter where we were, so long as we’re together. Now, all that lovey dovey stuff aside, I’m a practical hopeless romantic. That takes time to build, if that’s even something both people want. Fun is great too. We can keep it light & simple or deep & passionate. You get to decide which way to take things. (I can’t wait to find out which path you choose for us to go down! Bonus if the answer is BOTH!) Why are you still reading this? You should be messaging me or maybe… changing my future/life with my educational goals being attained! I can’t wait to meet you, future man of my dreams!

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