I’m Vixen 🦊🖤 I’m 30 and a goth lesbian but that doesn’t mean I won’t play with men. 😉😉 I like to prioritize authenticity and self-expression. I have a passion for all things macabre and horror. I enjoy exploring alternative subcultures and indulging in the darker side of life. I’m looking for a sugar daddy who can appreciate my unique style and interests. But, ultimately I’m looking for someone to help me with my very suffocating debt so I can further myself in my career as an actor in Horror movies. I take career very seriously and have a lot of passion for it. Although, I don’t mind having nice things I just don’t have basic taste. I don’t want a Chanel purse. More like a expensive piece of taxidermy, or some Victorian jewlery. Wouldn’t mind a Sephora shopping trip though. 🖤

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Gallery: Pretty Kitty 🦊🖤

Uploaded: 08 June 2024
Updated: 08 June 2024