Seeking a sugar daddy who is willing to pay for photos/videos and online communication. I have a husband (aware) and child and am not looking for any type of relationship or strings. I have hot photos and a serious need for more money. I am happy to chat online regularly and share in aspects of your life. I am a good listener, wise and love to flirt. If you just want a bit of fun, hot photos and have extra $$ lying around, we could make this work. I am all about connection but also need to be in an agreement where I can just walk away if necessary. Looking only for online communication, if we have a good connection I might be open to video or audio calls on occasion for a price. I am 33 years old, 5ft4inches, petite little thing. Small boobs are my jam, but my ass is second to none 👌🏼 I love listening and learning and enjoy listening to people talk about their passions. I love to flirt and make people feel good. I am a bratty sub at heart, but like to switch on occasion and have recently found a love for dominating. Custom content requests are okay, I just cannot promise a timeframe as my schedule is always changing.

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