Dr. Emily May

Dr. Emily May is a highly qualified and experienced relationship therapist who has dedicated their career to helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of relationship dynamics. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and specialized training, she is a dedicated Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Dr. Emily May has developed a reputation as a skilled professional with her empathetic, non-judgmental approach, coupled with her expertise in various relationship models.

Throughout their career, Dr. Emily May has helped countless individuals involved in conventional dating, as well as the unique dynamics presented in online relationships and dating. She has helped to address a wide range of concerns such as conflict resolution, intimacy problems and poor communication in various different settings.

Dr. Emily May has an advisory role on the board of Private Sugar Club and is providing incredible insights in the sugar dating domain.

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“Dr. May’s guidance and understanding of my unconventional relationship has truly transformed my life. She’s helped me to maintain connection with my partner and empowering us to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.”