Hello Gentlemen, My name is Amy I’m Caribbean and Indian 5’4 in height weighing 135 lbs. 29 years old. I am a very slim girl, I’m pretty laid back but very spontaneous. I love surprises and love enjoying myself and life. My motto is live, love, and laugh. 🥰 Intimacy is very important to me. I have been told by many, that I am amusing, humble, I have an amazing sense of humor, genuine, modest, and the sweetest human being . I love listening to music, watching all types of movies, seeing & traveling to new things/places. I love cooking and trying new recipes! I was born & raised in New York City. I currently live in Atlanta Georgia. One of my favorite things to do is try new food at different bars and restaurants in different places and countries. I’m a certified bartender. We can go for a nice fancy dinner or for an amazing night out on the town. How does a sexy night in the house and me in new lingerie, In your favorite color! Your pick. Or we can tone it down and watch a romantic movie while I cook a beautiful dinner you’ll never forget. I am a free spirit, with a big heart . I believe in being exquisite to anyone that comes into my life you never know what kind of mark you can leave in someone’s life even if it’s just for a moment. I believe in loyalty, honesty, kind hearted, well communicated, patient relationships. Be open about what you want so you can find someone to give you the same. I’m looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement with someone I feel like I can really talk to and genuinely enjoy spending my time with. I’m looking for an allowance, and in turn hope to have a lot of really awesome experiences together. I envision a relationship that involves physical intimacy, good conversation and quality time together.

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