Hi! I am a bubbly, funny, home grown little spit fire who loves conversation and a good book. I’m a neurospicy Scorpio with a heart of gold but the mouth of a sailor. My life is my own but I’m willing to share ❣️I am 35 years old. 4’8” tall. I can come off as a bit cautious but once you find your way through my walls I am doting and eager to please. I am hard headed and even harder working so please don’t ever feel accosted if I don’t know how to be spoiled 🥺 I have goals and dreams that revolve around finishing veterinary school and making a life to be proud of and hand down to my children. I love to read, paint, and color- yeah I seem pretty boring. Ask to see my work! It’s not professional but it’s something I am passionate about. I’m definitely a country girl- fishing, swimming, camping, I love it all. Anything to do with nature. Just ask and I’m an open book 💋💋

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