Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve…
Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve… Review: Everything That UK Sugar Daters Need To Know

By Dr. Emily May

Overall Rating:


Value for money: 10

Customer Support: 8

Reputation: 9.5

Security: 7


User friendly and easy-to-use website

Sleek professional website design

Affordable membership fees


Higher ratio of sugar daddies to sugar babies

An extensive registration process

Must provide personal information due to lots of in-depth, personal questions

Are you a wealthy but lonely professional living and working in the UK who doesn’t have time for a relationship? Or perhaps you’re a young and attractive aspiring actress who needs a rich man to fund her hopes and dreams. If either of these scenarios describes you, you’re probably a good candidate for a sugar-dating relationship.

Sugar dating arrangements are all the rage these days, with countless websites designed to help facilitate these meet-ups and interactions. One such website is Advertised as the UK’s best sugar daddy dating website, is this platform really the best option for finding, meeting, and connecting with sugar daddies and babies in your area?

Let’s find out!

About is similar to, which is available in the United States, but for UK-based users. Designed as a user-friendly platform, sugar daddies and babies over the age of 18 can easily register on the site, create a profile, and start searching for matches in the local area.

Signing up on the platform is free, but like most other sugar daddy dating sites, you’ll need to pay if you want access to the website’s features including messaging and unlocking certain packages and albums. has been featured on several popular UK news outlets including Daily Express, Daily Dot, Buzzsprout, VICE, Mirror, and The Cut. currently has millions of active members from around the world. According to the website, there are 6 times more sugar babies on the site than sugar daddies. While this is good news for the men, it’s bad news for the babies looking to find and attract a wealthy mate.

The competition on this sugar dating website is fierce, which means it’ll take much longer for you to find a match. Although, according to the website, it takes most members just 4 days.

The average sugar daddy on is 52 years old, which is quite a bit higher than the average age, in general, which is 38. Sugar babies on the platform average around 23 years old, which coincides with most other sites that claim their sugar babies are between 18 and 26. With thousands of new members joining every day, this website is quickly growing in popularity and recognition. Sugar babies, however, would benefit from using several different sugar baby apps and sites to increase their chances of landing a major payday (or a sugar daddy with a fat wallet). also lists 10 reasons why sugar daddies and babies should be using this platform over another. These include

  1. Honesty and transparency
  2. Drama-free fun
  3. Sharing wealth and knowledge to build a better life
  4. Mentorship and networking opportunities
  5. Mutual happiness and satisfaction
  6. Generous, successful, and mature men (no creeps)
  7. Sugar babies that value and appreciate their sugar daddy’s wisdom
  8. Sugar daddies who are chivalrous
  9. Viewing age as an asset (like a fine wine)
  10. Promotes fairness and mutually beneficial relationships

Other benefits that claims to offer include more quality time spent together doing the things you love, more clarity with increased communication and understanding, and more free time for both parties without the drama and obligations of traditional relationships.

Signing Up on

If you decide that this website is the best option for your financial and emotional needs, let’s dive into the sign-up process.

Choose a Side

Are you a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy to fund your wildest dreams and fantasies or are you a wealthy sugar daddy looking for someone to spoil? Now’s your chance to pick. For the purposes of this review, we registered and continued as a sugar baby.

Enter Your Details

Now it’s time to enter your details. asks all the same basic questions as other sugar daddy dating websites including your email, age, and location. You’ll also need to include your body type and ethnicity. Be honest because your pictures will reveal the details of your true identity in the next section. Sugar daddies have their own individual preferences so they’ll be happy to accept sugar babies of all shapes and sizes. If you’re a BBW sugar baby, own it! Create a username that stands out, represents your personality, and is sure to get you noticed.

Once complete, press next to move on to the next step.

Upload High-Quality Photos

Unlike other sugar dating websites that only require members to upload one or two photos to complete their profile, requires you to upload 6 just to proceed with the registration process. This is slightly inconvenient for some users who either don’t have a stockpile of selfies or attractive photos in their photo album or who simply aren’t comfortable sharing them.

Unfortunately, you can’t proceed without this step. also doesn’t permit any photos that don’t include you, are heavily filtered or edited, or include nudity or text.

Explain Your Preferences

Now it’s time to tell the world what you want. In this next section, will ask you what you’re looking for in a match. This can include things like a travel companion, mentor, or someone to join you on weekly dates.

Greet Potential Sugar Daddies (or Babies)

Now it’s time to break the ice. By creating a fun, playful, and engaging greeting, you can help facilitate conversations and get the ball rolling. All potential sugar daddies will see this same greeting so make it generic but unique.

Create a Tagline

This is how you make a good first impression on This tagline is the first thing sugar daddies will see and could be the deciding factor on whether or not they click your profile. Come up with something flirty, fun, unique, and intriguing. Avoid being too aggressive, provocative, or vulgar. Remember, most sugar daddies want a classy and sophisticated baby they can take on lavish vacations and to upscale events and parties.

Sell Yourself

Now it’s time to tell all the sugar daddies out there why you’re the best baby there is. Include details about the type of arrangement you’re looking for and what benefits you bring to the table. Only include facts that reflect your personality and align with your intentions.

Add Secret Photos

Do you have a vault on your phone or a place where you keep secret photos? If you have especially flattering or sexy photos of yourself that you keep under lock and key, these would make great additions to your secret album on

Similar to the 6 photos you uploaded earlier, the site won’t let you proceed unless you upload at least 4 secret photos. The good news is that only users you approve will get to see them. While there’s no nudity permitted, these pictures should be a little racier than the ones you previously added. While this might make some sugar babies uncomfortable, remember, only users that you allow to see these photos will ever lay eyes on them!

Enter Your Phone Number

This is another step in the registration process on that makes some users uncomfortable. Not everyone wants to share their intimate details like personal photographs or phone numbers.

Unfortunately, this is another necessary step if you want to continue using this particular platform. According to, member phone numbers aren’t shared with anyone, but instead, are used to guarantee that only legitimate, quality members gain access to the site. While this step is done to ensure user safety, it could alienate some potential members or even cause them to abort the registration process altogether. Remember, don’t provide personal information directly to sugar daddies upon first interaction to avoid falling for a sugar daddy scam. If you’re comfortable entering your phone number, do so, and press Next. will send a verification code to the phone number you provided. Once you verify your number, you’ll gain access to your personal dashboard. will also ask if you want to enable notifications which means you’ll never miss a message from a potential sugar daddy.

Navigating Your Dashboard

Congratulations! You’re now officially registered as a sugar baby (or daddy) on the site. It’s time to start exploring your dashboard and building your profile.

The top taskbar lets you navigate between searching for users, reading and sending messages, viewing your recent matches, changing your privacy settings, and updating your profile. You can also switch between the “Recently Active” and “Newest” member tabs to view active and new members.

Under the profile tab, you’ll be asked to update your physical attributes, lifestyle choices, and interests. There is also a list of questions at the bottom of your profile page to help other members get to know you better. Simply click on the plus sign and answer the questions honestly, while adding some personality and being a little flirtatious.

The answers you gave during your registration process will be shown at the bottom of your profile page under the “Bio” tab, as well as “Basics” about your location, interests, and the gender you’re interested in.

Verify Your Account

Another way to increase your visibility and opportunities on is to verify your account. This lets sugar daddies know that you’re a real sugar baby looking for a genuine connection. You’ll be asked to perform a few tasks to verify your identity like recording a video where you say the phrase, “Let me be your secret”. These steps and others help confirm that you are in fact a real person and not a scammer or a bot. A verified badge will be added to your account, giving sugar daddies peace of mind and increasing the number of messages, requests, and matches you receive.

Member Packages

Signing up and using is free, however, if you want to unlock some of the website’s best features and tools like messaging, saving matches, and choosing who has access to your page, you need to sign up for a membership plan. has two memberships to choose from – a platinum package or a diamond package. Review: The Pros and Cons

Before you choose a sugar dating website, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. While many of the features are the same, some benefits and drawbacks stand out more than others. Here are the most commonly reported pros and cons of so you can make an informed decision about which site supports your goals, financial needs, and lifestyle.


  • Easy-to-use website
  • Professional website design
  • Affordable membership fees
  • Mobile-friendly app available
  • A safe, secure platform


  • More sugar daddies than sugar babies (fierce competition)
  • An extensive registration process
  • Lots of in-depth, personal questions (phone number, voice recording for verified accounts, etc.)

Real Reviews from Users

One of the best ways to learn more about a website is to read from real users who’ve experienced the site firsthand. Not everyone has the same experience, either. The more reviews you read, the better, bigger picture you’ll get.

Positive Reviews from Sugar Babies

Now this is what I’ve been looking for! An entertaining and easy-to-navigate way to find generous older men in my area. – amy_of_aberdeen2

I met my first sugar daddy on this site and we’re still together 3 years later. – Sugary_Erin

Anyone who’s curious about sugar dating needs to check out this site before they try the rest because they’ll end up here anyway. – 23lorelei

Positive Reviews from Sugar Daddies

The verification feature on this site gives me peace of mind, which is nice since it can be difficult to trust people online. – Barton_iquellio

The best part about this site is the rapid response from the customer service team. – WinnipegStan61

I found my perfect match on this site. She’s gorgeous, classy, and sophisticated. – sucreaming8402

Negative Reviews from Sugar Babies

There are way too many sugar babies on this site and not enough daddies. You’ll be lucky if you get a single message from a serious sugar daddy with the funds to put his money where his mouth is. Don’t bother! – crystalb34

I wasn’t comfortable answering some of the questions during the registration process but really wanted to check out the site so I agreed. requires you to upload way too many pictures and entering your phone number seems sketchy to me. – AmberG4

I haven’t met a single sugar daddy and I’ve been on the site for months. It’s turning into a waste of my time. – LauraLi

Negative Reviews from Sugar Daddies

Some of these girls just want to bleed you dry! They don’t want to meet, talk to you, or offer you much of anything in return for your money. You need deep wallets and no feelings to make it here. – ReaDee 55

Only deal with verified girls. I tried talking to some babies that weren’t verified and it was pretty clear they were bots. No thanks. – CharleyMan123

If you can weed through the dogs you may find a few gems, but it’ll cost you. – Steve014

Find the Right Sugar Daddy Dating Site for Your Luxurious Lifestyle

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