Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve…
Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve…

WhatsYourPrice Review: Can You Really Make Money?

By Dr. Emily May
In life, everything comes at a cost. Whether it’s fueling your car, filling your pantry, or investing your time and energy in something. But what’s the cost of finding an attractive or generous person looking for a good time?

WhatsYourPrice is an online dating website like no other. Similar to the recently rebranded, this platform works by matching Generous Members (sugar daddies) with Attractive Members (sugar babies). Most of the men on WhatsYourPrice pride themselves on being masculine and successful while the women are often attractive, young, and flirtatious. But unlike other dating websites that place a heavy emphasis on interacting online via chat and video calls, WhatsYourPrice is for members serious about meeting in person, going on dates, and exploring a one-on-one relationship that’s mutually beneficial.

Are you a sugar baby interested in making money off your good looks and personality? This WhatsYourPrice review can help you decide if this platform is the right choice for your budget, needs, and location. Here, we’ll cover all aspects of the site including the sign-up process, interacting and meeting clients, pricing your services, and more.

So grab your little black dress and get ready to explore the thrilling and rewarding world of sugar dating on WhatsYourPrice.

About WhatsYourPrice

Let’s start with a brief history of the website itself. WhatsYourPrice is an online dating site designed to match attractive people looking for financial stability and a good time with generous users who have money to spend but need a companion to spoil. The website claims to “significantly reduce the time and effort spent leading up to a first meeting” by using an innovative approach.

If you sign up with WhatsYourPrice you should be prepared to meet people in person, attend events, and go on dates. Most of the interactions and time spent occur offline, so if you’re not comfortable with this arrangement you may want to choose a different sugar dating website.

It should come as no surprise that the layout and basic premise of WhatsYourPrice work similarly to Seeking (formally known as Seeking Arrangement) because both were founded by the same creative mind – Brandon Wade. Launched in 2011, WhatsYourPrice works slightly differently from Wade’s original platform. Set up similarly to a dating auction, WhatsYourPrice lets members send and receive dating offers. 

For example, a generous member can offer an attractive member a set price (i.e. $100 or $500) for things ranging from dinner and a movie to a three-day weekend away. The attractive member can either accept or decline the offer or negotiate for a better price. Unlike and other sugar dating sites like it, WhatsYourPrice focuses primarily on in-person meet-ups and real-life interactions. WhatsYourPrice encourages members to “Skip the small talk and go straight to fun dates”.

Here are a few more facts about WhatsYourPrice:

  • Over 5.1 million users and counting
  • Over 70% of unlocked messages result in a date
  • An average of 1 in 5 messages results in a connection
  • Over 56 million offers made
  • The average attractive member receives $126 per date

How Does WhatsYourPrice Work?

Similar to a live dating auction, men place monetary bids for a date with an attractive and eligible female. The woman can then accept, decline, or counter the bid. The average bid ranges from $50 to $100 but this can increase quickly and significantly depending on your location, appeal, and the services you offer. All bids must be a minimum of $5 to start, but let’s be honest, the chances of a woman agreeing to a date for this price are slim to none.

Attractive females receive the money once the date is over and the generous men can request a refund if the date is canceled or their bid isn’t accepted. WhatsYourPrice uses a credit system, which means that generous men must buy credits in order to participate in an auction and secure their first meetup. Attractive women then trade these credits for cash. There’s no way around this. If you’re a generous male seeking the company of an attractive woman, you’ll need to purchase credits through the website.

While the credit system may seem tedious for some, it actually protects both parties from scammers and dishonest members.

Getting Started on WhatsYourPrice

If you’re an aspiring sugar baby looking to make money on WhatsYourPrice, you need to know exactly how the website works, how to get started, and how much it’ll cost you. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on signing up as an Attractive Member on the platform, creating your profile, accepting bids, and more!

Signing Up

On the website’s homepage, you’ll see it’s divided into two sections – one for attractive members (sugar babies) and one for generous members (sugar daddies and mommas). You can click on the blue “Join Now” button in the top right corner of the page to get started.

You’ll then be prompted to create a free account. Enter your email address, create a password, and click on “Create Account” to continue.

Step two of creating your account requires you to enter some personal information including your gender, date of birth, display name, city, the type of members you’re interested in meeting, and whether you want to receive or make offers.

Creating Your Profile

Once you click “Continue” on this screen, you’ll be redirected to your profile page. And here’s where the magic happens! Take some time to upload an attractive photo and update your profile information including your physical attributes, occupation, income, and whether or not you smoke or drink.

You can (and should) also update the sections on what your interests are, more about yourself, and your ideal first date. You can also create a wish list that generous members can view and purchase gifts from.

Navigating the User Dashboard

There are several features for sugar babies to utilize on this site. Start by clicking on the “Interests” tab at the top of the page where a star is displayed to see which generous members have recently viewed your page. You can also see which members “favorited” your page and add your own favorites!

Under the “Messages” tab you can view new messages from members and a list of recent conversations.

The “Offers” section is where you’ll see any recent offers or bids made by generous members. You can also initiate a conversation to get the ball rolling and help generate interest. Just keep in mind that offers are always made by generous members to attractive members, not the other way around.

Here’s some more useful information on what offers are on exactly WhatsYourPrice and how they work.

It’s important to note that credits on WhatsYourPrice are merely used to place bids and initiate conversation. Once an offer is accepted and the messaging feature is unlocked, the attractive and generous members can start planning their first date or next adventure. Payment and incentives are given by the generous member (sugar daddy) to the attractive member (sugar baby) during the in-person date or encounter. No money exchanges hands between either member directly on WhatsYourPrice. Instead, the website facilitates meetups and in-person dates.

The Pros and Cons of WhatsYourPrice

As with any dating site, WhatsYourPrice has its pros and cons. Many of these vary depending on what you’re using the site for, but this list will give you a general idea of what makes this particular sugar dating site so popular and what pitfalls to look out for.


  • Generous members are usually willing to pay top dollar for a date
  • Sugar babies can control their income by accepting or rejecting offers and even countering them
  • You cut right to the chase with minimal small talk
  • Registration is easy and free
  • Using the site is free for attractive members
  • Affordable prices for generous members of all types and incomes
  • There are different sugar-dating relationships available allowing members to create a personalized experience
  • The website has an informative blog for those new to the world of sugar dating
  • WhatsYourPrice currently has over 5 million members which means plenty of variety and opportunity for both generous and attractive members


  • This site is not meant for online relationships. You have to be comfortable meeting in person
  • Generous members need to pay upfront before unlocking messaging features or meeting their mate in person
  • The website is slightly outdated (although some reviewers say the interface is easy to use and streamlined)
  • There’s no mobile app which means users must access the site on a PC
  • Messaging features are locked until you place a bid and it’s accepted
  • Member profiles aren’t as detailed as on some other sites

Special Features of WhatsYourPrice

This particular sugar dating site has some unique features designed to speed up the dating process and result in more meaningful matches.

Detailed and Personal Profile Features

For starters, the profiles of gorgeous and eligible females are highly detailed and include information about their body type (height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc.), if they have children and how many, their religion, drinking and smoking habits, interests, hobbies, and other lifestyle choices. Including these details helps create a complete picture of who you are and the type of sugar daddy that would best suit your needs.

While this may seem overwhelming to some users, the more information you provide upfront, the faster the match-making process goes. It also helps weed out incompatible candidates. Pairings on WhatsYourPrice range from sugar dating relationships to friendships, committed partners, and even informal affairs.

The Perfect First Date and Companion

Are you ready to describe your perfect first date? Do you think you can describe your perfect match in 20 characters or less? If you’re up for the challenge, WhatsYourPrice lets you do exactly this. Describe the character traits of your dream partner and what the perfect first date might include from a fancy dinner or dancing to a romantic movie night at home. These small details tell other members a lot about your personality and preferences.

Two-Step Photo Verification

Like most other sugar dating websites, WhatsYourPrice performs a rigorous background check on all its users. Using two-step photo verification, only vetted and approved members gain access to the site. This helps ensure a positive, safe, and enjoyable experience for everyone. WhatsYourPrice uses two groups to double-check all potential profiles. During this step, you must upload a public photo. Only profiles complete with photos will be allowed to bid or be eligible for dates.

As you can see, WhatsYourPrice takes customer satisfaction and safety seriously in an effort to provide an upscale experience for both bidding men and beautiful bachelorettes.

About WhatsYourPrice Customer Service

Any quality sugar dating site is only as good as its customer service team. So, how does WhatsYourPrice’s support team measure up? The support staff is broken down into three different sections. Users can visit the FAQ page for answers to common questions, fill out a contact form on the website’s “Contact Us” page, or use direct content via email.

WhatsYourPrice encourages users to first visit the FAQ page since many of the most common questions are answered here, resulting in a quick response. For those questions or concerns not listed here, you can complete a contact form or send an email to [email protected]. There’s no guarantee how long it’ll take to get a response, so this form of contact isn’t always the most reliable.

WhatsYourPrice Reviews from Real Users

Now, let’s hear from some real users on the site to see what they have to say about WhatsYourPrice’s unique formula for matching wealthy men (and some women) with young, attractive females.

There are a lot fewer local women on this site than on others but don’t let that fool you. I’ve got more GOOD leads here than anywhere else. – Richard M.

Met several sugar daddies here and all of them were very generous. Whatsyourprice works wonders and I totally recommend it. 10/10! – Elizabeth K.

I went on three dates with a woman, paying each time above her normal agreed amount. On the fourth date, she tried to give me all my money back but I refused. We have been dating now for a couple of months and it’s great. If you’re looking for a connection, treat them the way a woman should be treated, this site should do well for you. – Adam

My SD I met on here is a good man older I’m in my 20s he’s in his 70s and the best thing that ever happened to me – Kenya B.

I have been on this site for about 2 years and find it so good. I don’t use it that often but when I do I normally have about 10 dates lined up within a few days. – Robert W.

This is another one of those sites where you will get a message from a girl but you need to pay to read the message. Once you pay and read the message and then reply you don’t hear anything back. It’s a typical message site generated so you sign up and pay. – Shane S.

The price of credit packages is high and I randomly got suspended with no warning or recourse after just purchasing loads of credits. – Mark H.

How Much Does it Cost?

Using WhatsYourPrice doesn’t cost a thing for attractive members which is one reason so many sugar babies love this site. If you’re looking to be spoiled and showered with gifts and money without much overhead, this is one of the more affordable dating websites.

Generous members only pay when an offer or bid is accepted. Once an attractive member agrees on an offer price, the deal is made and the messaging features are unlocked. Generous members need credits to communicate with attractive members. These credits can be purchased using any major credit card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. As of this writing, WhatsYourPrice doesn’t accept cryptocurrency, PayPal, or any other online payments.

The cost of credits is as follows

  • 100 credits for $50 ($0.50 per credit)
  • 500 credits for $150 ($0.30 per credit)
  • 1,000 credits for $250 ($0.25 per credit)

Purchasing credits to unlock messaging features and finalize your date is the only payment made on the site and it’s paid for by the generous member. The offer the generous member makes on WhatsYourPrice doesn’t cover the cost of the date itself but instead is the payment the attractive member will receive for their time and company. It’s still up to the generous member to pay for the actual date itself which may include dinner, travel expenses, or tickets to an event. The average date arranged on WhatsYourPrice is around $125 to $200.

Because no money exchanges hands on the site itself, it’s all done during your initial meeting. WhatsYourPrice reviews suggest that attractive members collect half their money at the start of the date and the other half at the end. This protects both parties from getting scammed or losing out on their part of the deal. Any payment issues can be brought to the site’s admins who will address it with the generous member and, in some cases, ban them from the site for life!

Key Features of WhatsYourPrice

With a plethora of dating sites available and a fair share of sugar baby sites launching all the time, what sets WhatsYourPrice apart from its competitors? Aside from a heavy emphasis on in-person meetups and less wasted time chatting endlessly online, here are a few other key features that make the site unique and potentially worth a try.

  • The ability to craft and experience the date of your dreams
  • Less wasted time filtering through bots, uninterested members, and individuals looking to play games
  • Attractive users have full control over how much they make
  • A real-life spin on online dating that takes things from the computer screen to face-to-face encounters
  • No membership or subscription fee which means generous members only pay for credits and dates if their offer is accepted
  • Protection against sugar daddy scammers and catfishing with refunds available 

Is WhatsYourPrice Safe and Legitimate?

Yes! Although all members need to protect their identity when dating online, WhatsYourPrice is a relatively safe platform. They even post 10 safety dating tips for using the website and to practice when meeting your mate in person.

WhatsYourPrice also performs an ID verification on all members and recommends a background check. These safety measures are not mandatory though, as explained in this disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage.


Aside from this, other safety features of the platform include

  • Safe payment methods
  • No payment auto-renewals
  • Strict moderation for all users
  • Photo, profile, and identity checks
  • Data encryption software keeps your data and information safe and secure
  • Transactions are listed discreetly on all credit card statements to protect your privacy and offer anonymity

Tips for Making Money on WhatsYourPrice

Attractive members (sugar babies) on WhatsYourPrice tend to have the upper hand. Not only is using the website completely free, but you don’t have to pay a dime! Simply create a winning and attractive profile and wait for the offers to roll in. Once you see a generous member with a generous offer that seems worth your while, you can accept it, start chatting, and plan your epic adventure.

Here are a few sugar baby tips to help increase the number of offers you get and help you make money on WhatsYourPrice.

Create a Profile that Stands Out

While this is true of any online dating site, creating an attractive profile on WhatsYourPrice will significantly increase your chances of receiving multiple offers. And although the profile settings may not be as detailed as other sugar dating sites, you can work with what you have to build a profile that you’re proud of.

WhatsYourPrice reviews recommend that attractive members focus primarily on the sections regarding your interests, details about yourself, and your ideal first date. All of this information lets generous members know more about your fun and charismatic personality and offers hints for planning a dream date that meets your needs and taste.

Upload a Variety of Attractive, High-Quality Photos

As important as it is for generous members to get to know you on a personal level, it’s equally as important for them to see your beauty. After all, sugar babies aren’t listed as “attractive members” for just any reason. Most wealthy sugar daddies are looking for a youthful and beautiful date to escort them out on the town.

Just be sure that the photos you upload are high-quality and follow WhatsYourPrice’s community guidelines which prohibit full nudity. Never use stock photos and always include your face. It’s also recommended you upload at least 5 photos to your profile and update them regularly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Counter or Decline an Offer

As a sugar baby, you set the pace. It’s completely up to you which offers you accept, decline, and if you decide to counteroffer. Succeeding on WhatsYourPrice is about knowing your worth and value and not being afraid to ask for it. Don’t accept lowball offers from generous members and don’t shy away from asking for more. Just be careful not to get TOO greedy or else you may turn away sugar daddies that are willing to spoil you once they get to know you a little better. Sometimes, it takes going on a few dates before you and your sugar daddy find a schedule, budget, and arrangement that’s mutually beneficial.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

Once the ball gets rolling and you and your generous member start chatting and planning your date, be clear about your limits, boundaries, and intentions. The premise of WhatsYourPrice is to find a mate that accommodates your needs and can plan and fund a dream date. Just because a generous member is paying for your date doesn’t mean you need to get physical with them. It’s totally acceptable and probably safer to discuss your physical boundaries and their expectations before your first meetup. Only engage in activities and behavior that you’re comfortable with. But also keep in mind that if you agree to something for a price and then renege on your offer, the generous member may be entitled to a refund and it could compromise your membership on the site.

Be Prepared to Meet in Person and Fulfill Your Promises

If you’re more comfortable with online dating and chatting via messenger or video calls, WhatsYourPrice may not be the right platform for you. The entire premise behind this website is to skip the small talk and get right down to the in-person interactions. Users are matched with other local members to facilitate easy and convenient meetups. Don’t accept offers from generous members that you don’t intend to meet. Doing so isn’t fair and could result in your account being banned.

Have Fun!

Sugar dating is about having fun! Whether you enjoy a little flirtatious conversation or love nothing more than getting dressed up and being taken out like arm candy, then WhatsYourPrice is a great site to meet generous men who can offer you all of that and more. Be patient, build a compelling profile, and have fun planning an epic and memorable date. If things go well, it could develop into multiple dates and even a long-term relationship (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsYourPrice

Before you try your luck on WhatsYourPrice, you may still have a few pressing questions about how the site works and functions. Keep reading for answers to your burning questions so you can make an informed decision about your sugar-dating future.

How Do I Avoid Fake Profiles on WhatsYourPrice?

Only users who are prepared to place bids and pay are able to search for and review their potential matches. WhatsYourPrice offers advanced search features to verified users that let you locate the best matches. All of the profiles that make it onto the page have been confirmed and verified so you don’t have to worry about encountering fake users.

WhatsYourPrice also uses members’ detailed profiles and photo identification to confirm their identity and only produce quality matches based on shared interests. WhatsYourPrice takes precautions to weed out fake accounts and scammers looking to steal money from unsuspecting members. With that being said, you still need to take certain measures to protect yourself like only dealing with verified profiles that include a photo and being selective about the private and personal information you share.

What is the Success Rate of WhatsYourPrice?

Because this sugar dating app is set up slightly differently from others, you may be wondering what the exact success rate is. According to the website, nearly 50 million date offers have been received and 8 million have been accepted. This is a 17% success rate per request. To break this down even further, if you currently have 5 date offers or bids, chances are, at least one will result in a real-life date. If you acquire 10 bids, you’ll likely land 2 dates and so on.

How Long Does It Take to Find a Date on WhatsYourPrice?

While flirting and chatting is fun and strongly encouraged on most match-making websites, WhatsYourPrice focuses primarily on securing and planning the first date as soon as possible. Once a compatible match is found and a bid is made and accepted, the first date usually happens relatively soon. This helps save time, headaches, and disappointment.

Can I Try WhatsYourPrice for Free?

Yes. Both attractive and generous members can register and access WhatsYourPrice for free before committing to a date. Attractive members are paid to go on their first date with the successful and wealthy member who places the highest bid. Generous members do, however, have to pay for credits used to communicate with potential dates and plan an epic and memorable evening.

Make Money and Go on Lavish Dates Using WhatsYourPrice

Are you over online dating that results in endless hours of chatting and conversation with no real endgame? If so, WhatsYourPrice may be the perfect sugar dating app for you. Similar to an online auction, generous members place bids for dates with attractive and eligible members (sugar babies) in their local area. Once a match is made, start chatting and planning your next adventure.

WhatsYourPrice means less time spent chit-chatting and more time spent building real connections. Keep in mind, though, that if you’re not willing to meet in person, this site isn’t meant for you. Avoid being labeled as a catfisher and stick to sites focused more on online interactions and allowances given by sugar daddies (and mommas) to their pampered and spoiled sugar babies.

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