Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve…
Life is too short to settle. Upgrade to the luxury life you deserve…

Victoria Milan Review: Is It The Ultimate Choice for Discreet Affairs?

By Dr. Emily May

Overall Rating:


Value for money: 5.3

Customer Support: 7.5

Reputation: 8.9


Access to both local and international users

A convenient “Panic” button to ensure all of your activity remains a secret

Easy-to-use and detailed search features

Privacy filters for all uploaded photos

Simple and direct chat features


Not as many users in the US as in other countries

Some profiles and accounts are no longer active but still show in the search results

Doesn’t accept certain digital payments like PayPal or CashApp

Fairly expensive subscription plans

According to a survey completed in 2021, nearly 50% of all people involved in monogamous relationships admitted to having affairs. Whether it’s the thrill of getting caught or the dull monotony of being with the same person day in and day out, people seek out the attention, affection, and company of others for various personal reasons.

Although having an affair is controversial and there’s no “good” or “right” way to go about it, enough people engage in external relationships that there are now websites dedicated to this practice. One such platform is Victoria Milan, which claims to be the #1 site for married and attached dating.

But Victoria Milan isn’t just about married individuals finding singles to flirt and engage with. The website is also designed to help wealthy and successful professionals (primarily men or sugar daddies) find youthful and gorgeous singles (usually females or sugar babies) to spend their time with and money on. By engaging with vibrant and energetic females, these successful men feel young and desirable again.

Most people engaging in extramarital affairs aren’t looking to get caught. So, how does Victoria Milan work to protect users’ anonymity and what types of services and features does the website offer? We’re here to answer these questions and more. So, keep reading for our ultimate Victoria Milan review and learn the ins and outs of engaging in online affairs with like-minded individuals from around the world.

About Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is a European dating and sugar dating website designed for married or attached people looking for discreet and confidential affairs. Whether you’re in a loveless, sexless marriage or are simply seeking the excitement and passion of a new relationship, you can find a mate to meet your unique needs and personality.

This platform currently has over 8 million users throughout Europe, the UK, the USA, and other countries. Countries with the most users include Denmark, Spain, France, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. Although Victoria Milan is available in these locations, many of the features are still being ironed out.

The relationships made on Victoria Milan range from innocent chatting and flirting to one-night stands and even long-term affairs. The goal is to provide users with a safe and confidential environment to search and chat with thousands of other married or attached users in Europe and Scandinavia. All of Victoria Milan’s members have one thing in common – the desire to find a thrilling connection that adds excitement and passion to your boring or monotonous relationship.

According to Victoria Milan, 30% of people using traditional dating sites aren’t honest about their current relationship status. Why not enter into an arrangement where both parties are on the same page, want the same things, and know the other person’s current situation? All Victoria Milan users are encouraged to be honest and upfront about their relationship status when registering. This dynamic also allows married sugar daddies and mommas to meet young, vibrant sugar babies looking for a connection, companionship, or mutually beneficial relationship.

Another key feature of this site is that it facilitates both local and global affairs. While some users prefer to have an overseas mistress or lover, others like their side piece close to home so they can engage in frequent visits and rendezvous. This allows users in Europe and Scandinavia to create the ideal affair they’ve always dreamed of.

The homepage of the website has a real-time counter, letting users know how many anonymous members are currently registered and available to chat. As of this writing, the counter is nearing the 9 million mark! Victoria Milan welcomes an average of 16,000 new members every single day and facilitates over 20,000 successful matches.

How Does Victoria Milan Work?

Getting started on Victoria Milan is easy (check out the registration process in the next section). As with most dating and sugar dating websites, there are more male users on this platform than females, however, Victoria Milan does have a healthy female following, creating a more balanced customer base than most of its competitor sites. As of this writing, the female-to-male ratio on the site is 53% to 47%.

One of the key features of this dating website is anonymity. Most people seeking an extramarital affair aren’t looking to get caught or air their dirty laundry. For this reason, Victoria Milan doesn’t require you to provide any sensitive personal information that may reveal your true identity. This includes things like your full name, location, address, or phone number. Members can create an alias or fake username and even an anonymous email account using some of the most popular providers like Gmail and Yahoo. Victoria Milan also uses 256-bit top-level SSL security to provide protection and anonymity for all members.

Once your account is live, you can use the website’s advanced search features to find the perfect match based on your preferences. Search by gender, location, age, profession, and other key features to find a user that complements your needs, interests, and personality. Victoria Milan is primarily known as and used for affairs, however, with a client base of young attractive females and 55+ men with money to spend and a desire for partners with beauty and a youthful, energetic personality, Victoria Milan can also double as a sugar dating site if you know how to use it.

Getting Started on Victoria Milan

Now that you know a little bit more about how Victoria Milan works, let’s jump right into the registration process. For the purposes of this Victoria Milan review, we’ll be registering as a young female.

Signing Up

You can start the sign-up process right from the website’s homepage. Simply click the purple button to “See Your Matches”.

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose whether or not you’re a man or a woman and indicate your current relationship status.

You can also choose whether you’re interested in finding men, women, or both.

Now it’s time to create an email account. To protect your identity and promote anonymity, Victoria Milan suggests you create an email account only associated with your Victoria Milan membership. Avoid using your name or any other identifying pieces of information when creating your email address. You will, however, need access to the email account since that’s where your registration confirmation will be sent.

The next step is to create a username that represents your personality. Choose something that’s creative, flirty, and fun, and gives other members a sneak peek into who you are and what you’re about without revealing too much.

You’ll also be asked to create a password and enter your date of birth.

Lastly, Victoria Milan will ask a few more questions regarding your current relationship status and the type of relationship you’re seeking.

You also need to add some information about your appearance. After all, most people seeking a thrilling and passionate affair are looking for someone they’re sexually attracted to.

To find members in your area, you’ll need to enter the name of the city nearest you.

At this point, you’re almost done with registration! Simply head over to the email address you created for your account and confirm that it’s you.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address you can start creating your profile and searching for other members in your area. Victoria Milan suggests you upload a photo to get more eyes on your profile and drum up more interest from other local and international users.

Creating Your Profile and Searching

Once you’re logged in, you’ll also notice a red “Panic” button with an open door at the bottom right-hand corner of every page. This ingenious addition allows you to automatically exit any page with a single click. If your spouse or partner walks in the room unexpectedly or is looking over your shoulder, you can quickly click the “Panic” button and be redirected to a harmless search engine or YouTube page before they realize you’re up to no good.

Victoria Milan allows members to create a detailed profile that covers everything from their ethnicity, tattoos, and piercings to their background and lifestyle, personality, and the type of members they’re seeking. Be as honest as possible when filling in these fields so that the platform can match you with the most suitable mates.

Under the messages tab at the top of your user dashboard, you can view, generate, and respond to messages from other members.

The “Likes” tab shows you which member profiles you’ve liked and which ones have liked yours. The same goes for the “Visits” tab which is labeled with an eyeball logo. This tab lets you know which users have visited your page and how often. By showing mutual interest, you’re more likely to find a suitable match.

From the user dashboard, you can also access Victoria Milan’s blog and search for other members based on your preferences. Sort by location, age, and distance. You can also narrow your search by clicking on “More Criteria” and filtering by certain physical features.

How Much Does Victoria Milan Cost for Users?

It’s free to register on Victoria Milan but the features and tools are fairly limited. In order to unlock all the features you need to fully enjoy and experience all the website has to offer, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership. The platform offers a variety of packages, pricing, and subscriptions to choose from. These range from one month to a full year.

Victoria Milan accepts all major credit cards as well as wire transfers and certain forms of cryptocurrency. All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you cancel within 7 days of the renewal date.

Like most sugar dating and affair websites, Victoria Milan offers premium features and benefits to all female users, whereas male users have to pay. This means that basic male users can’t send messages, but women can. To start, male members can only view profiles, send likes, and favorite users, and send a wink to garnish their attention.

Key Features of Victoria Milan

Speaking of sending members winks, here are some other unique features of this sugar dating website that help enhance the user experience. Here are some of the key interactive features available to paying customers.

  • Likes and favorites (hit the heart button on another user’s profile to show them you’re interested and save their profile for later)
  • Winks (similar to “likes” winks show a member you’re interested in with a little added flirtation – just sending a wink doesn’t save the person’s profile to your favorites so you may need to find them again in the future)
  • Keys (let the chosen ones unlock the secrets of your exclusive, hidden photo gallery where they get to know you on a more intimate level)
  • Virtual gifts (images of romantic gifts that you can send to other members as placeholders for or in place of real, tangible gifts. These gifts cost real money and are available to both basic and premium members)
  • Featured users (Victoria Milan will automatically show you the most popular and active members worldwide to increase the pool of potential candidates)

The Pros and Cons of Victoria Milan

Before you explore your next affair on Victoria Milan, you probably want to know the pros and cons of this discreet sugar dating website. Here are some of the benefits and pitfalls according to real active and former members.


  • Likeminded members that are all aware of each other’s relationship status and intentions
  • Access to both local and international users
  • The ability to create an affair that meets your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle
  • A convenient “Panic” button to ensure all of your activity remains a secret
  • Easy-to-use and detailed search features
  • Privacy filters for all uploaded photos
  • Simple and direct chat features
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Filters let you mask your face or blue your photos completely


  • Limited features for non-paying members
  • Not as many users in the US as in other countries
  • Some profiles and accounts are no longer active but still show in the search results
  • Doesn’t accept certain digital payments like PayPal or CashApp
  • The website is slow to respond at times
  • An influx of “fake” messages to weed through
  • Fairly expensive subscription plans (although this shouldn’t be an issue for sugar daddies, mommas, and other wealthy members)
  • Connecting with international users makes it more difficult to meet in person
  • There’s no “Panic” button available on the mobile app
  • It promotes cheating and being unfaithful

Is Victoria Milan Safe and Secure?

Given the nature of Victoria Milan (a secret and confidential way to find your next mistress or sugar daddy), the platform takes privacy and security very seriously. All members are encouraged to register using an indiscreet email address and alias.

You can use the FaceBlur feature to conceal your identity or add a beautiful and sexy mask filter to your photos. Just be mindful of other identifying features including tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, and clues in the background like location markers or personalized items in your home, bedroom, and other surroundings. The Panic Button is an exclusive feature that lets you instantly navigate off of the Victoria Milan website in the event that your spouse or partner gets too close to your computer.

The real security happens behind the scenes where Victoria Milan uses 256-bit encryption, Amazon web services, SSL Trust, and Norton by Symantec to protect your sensitive data and other private information. Premium members never have to worry about Victoria Milan showing up on their credit card or bank statements since all transactions are discreet.

Catfishing is always a concern when using any online dating platform, including this one. In an effort to protect members against sugar daddy scammers and prevent dishonest users from joining, a team of moderators checks every single member’s photo and account. Victoria Milan’s customer service team is available to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have. Users on the app also have the added benefit of using the convenient chat feature to receive an instant response from a member of Victoria Milan’s support team.

Users are encouraged to report any issues, harassment, or other concerns or suspicious behavior directly to the support team.

Victoria Milan Reviews from Real Users

One of the best ways to find out if a dating website delivers on its promises of matching you with the perfect mate(s) is to hear from real users. These Victoria Milan reviews highlight both the good and bad of the discreet dating website so you can register, flirt, chat, and fulfill all your adulterous fantasies without worry.

I have tried several other dating sites, but I find it difficult to be anonymous. But at Victoria Milan, I can be anonymous. In the course of a short time, I have made contact with many nice ladies. I also travel a lot and Victoria Milan gives me the opportunity to meet ladies all over the world. – Mario Kobi

Absolutely quality customer service. They got back to me shortly after contact and they fully accommodated my request. Would recommend it. – KI Ao

From first using the free membership I quickly started to see a huge list of active members, as a woman I didn’t feel intimidated and would recommend this site to others who what to have fun like me! – Sarah Henderson

Crap website. Nearly impossible to upload photos with any kind of filter that protects your identity. And no way to create private photos or a private album where you decide who gets access. – MM

Total rip-off! There are NO real accounts, it’s all fake, bots, and other scams. Sign-up cost is massive and to make things worse, they make it most difficult to deactivate an account. In fact, there is no way to do this aside from going through non-responding customer service. Avoid it by all means! – Sebastian

After receiving three identical chat approaches: “Hi, nice to see someone new. How did you come to be here?” and then getting no responses to my initial response, I’m pretty certain that this site is heavily populated by bots. Plus, on both their app and online, the hyperlinks labeled “Ask” (to request more info from someone) always respond with an “Error, please try later” response. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. – Richard Ellis

After registering you get quite a bit of attention but you cannot see the messages without a premium account. They offer the prices in such a way that they seem like monthly amounts. When you continue to pay, they appear to be weekly. – Rob

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Experience on Victoria Milan

Whether you’re looking for some innocent flirtation or a full-blown affair, Victoria Milan can help match you with other like-minded individuals in your neighborhood, and around the world. But before you register, create a profile, and upgrade to a premium account, check out these sugar baby tips for successfully connecting and satisfying your urges and needs on Victoria Milan.

Protect Your Identity but Add In Teasers

The whole premise behind Victoria Milan is anonymity and protecting your identity. While all members on the site understand the unwritten rule of secrecy, some might find it difficult to connect with another member whose face they can’t see.

Even though Victoria Milan offers FaceBlur features and mask filters, it’s important to give interested users a sneak peek at your appearance. This can be done using both your detailed profile and by creating private photo collections. Take high-quality photos that show your sexy and creative side. Premium members can pay to unlock your hidden content and get a better look at your face and body in all their glory.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to have an air of mystery surrounding your profile and identity, it also helps to add in teasers and give members incentives to send you virtual gifts and messages to start a conversation.

Create a Detailed and Engaging Profile

There are two things that attract most people when it comes to online dating – personality and appearance. While most people focus first on appearance, a winning personality goes a long way. The best way to showcase your loveable character is by adding plenty of details to your profile.

Victoria Milan offers one of the most detailed and in-depth profiles and bios of any other online dating site. There are plenty of opportunities to stand out and make your presence known on this platform. Take your time when filling out each section including the parts about your personality, interests, what turns you on, and what you’re looking for in a match.

Consider Both International and Local Matches

There are benefits and downfalls of engaging in both local and international affairs. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of relationship. Victoria Milan makes it possible for users to connect with users from around the world or right down the street.

Meeting locals in your area means the increased opportunity to engage in real-time affairs, while international relationships are thrilling and exotic but may only ever result in online chats and video calls. Choose the scenario that works best for your personality and comfort level or try both on for size.

FAQs About Victoria Milan

For those who have never engaged in an affair or a relationship outside their current one, you may still have questions about exactly how Victoria Milan works. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this online dating and sugar dating website.

Is Victoria Milan Legit and Safe?

The jury is still out on this one. While some people say they’ve met a handful of suitable matches on the site, others claim to only experience bots and fake profiles. Additionally, some users claim paying for the premium membership isn’t worth the hefty price tag. What’s meant to unlock unlimited messages only allows premium members to have 20 conversations per day. Others complain that the conversations feel scripted and may not be legitimate users.

Victoria Milan is also a safe and secure site that takes user privacy very seriously. The platform uses Norton security, SSL Trust, 256-bit encryption, and Amazon web services to provide a completely anonymous and secure experience.

How Can You Deactivate or Cancel Your Account?

You can temporarily deactivate or disable your account which means you’ll no longer receive alerts, emails, or messages. Disabling your account doesn’t delete it permanently, Victoria Milan stores all of your personal data and information so that you can reactivate your account at any time and pick up where you left off.

You can also terminate your membership which is the next step toward completely canceling your membership. Be sure to check which type of subscription plan you have, when to cancel, and if there are any penalty fees. Keep in mind that terminating your membership doesn’t delete your profile completely. Your profile will still be visible on Victoria Milan but you will lose access to seeing other members’ profiles. To officially delete your profile you’ll need to contact the company via email at [email protected].

Can You Use Victoria Milan to Find a Sugar Daddy or Momma?

Thanks to its discreet nature, you can use this website to find a wide range of partners and relationships – including sugar daddies, mommas, and sugar babies. There are plenty of wealthy men on Victoria Milan over the age of 55 looking for young, vibrant, and attractive females to engage with. With a winning profile, gorgeous pictures, and time to invest, sugar babies can find plenty of successful men (and women) to indulge in their sugar-dating fantasies.

How Do I Contact Victoria Milan’s Customer Support Team?

According to the website, the customer support team is available 7 days a week via email. Simply send an email with your question, issue, or concern to [email protected]. You can also send a message using the mobile app.

How Can I Update My Personal Information?

Changing your email address and password on Victoria Milan is pretty easy. To change your email address, use the “Settings” tab in the upper right-hand corner, click “Email”, and then enter your new email address and confirm your password. Then, click “Change Email” to confirm.

Changing your password is just as convenient. Use the same “Settings” tab where you changed your email, but select “Password” instead. Enter your new password, confirm it, and then click “Change”.

Can I Use Victoria Milan for Free?

There are a few free features available on Victoria Milan. After you register, you can browse and like member profiles, plus add certain accounts to your favorites list. But, if you want to reach out to a potential match or send a message, you need to purchase a premium subscription.

Your Next Greatest Love Affair is Right Around the Corner

Are you ready to engage in the affair of a lifetime? Whether you’re married, engaged, or in a monogamous relationship but are seeking something, or someone, different, Victoria Milan can help you meet your mate. From sugar daddies looking for fresh young lovers to lonely housewives on the hunt for a young stud, Victoria Milan facilitates safe, discreet, and anonymous connections.

Just be prepared to pay a high price for access to the website’s best features and sort through potentially abandoned accounts and AI-generated chat conversations. You may only want to register on Victoria Milan if you’re interested in extramarital affairs and have the time and energy it takes to filter through fake accounts and field endless messages from potential bots.

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